Watch the latest episode of the our quest to compete at the World Penack Silat tournament

The Fighting Chance - USA Silat Team - Episode 6

The USA Silat continues to train hard despite some setbacks. They had a visitor from Baltimore come down, Shadman, and old student who is now in college.
Camera, ready, set... action !

Please help support our team. They have been training so hard and it will be so sad if we cannot make it to tournament when we are so close. We need to have the money for the tickets by Dec 1st. Let's make it happen! I will post more updates as we get closer to our goal. Click on the lick below to donate:

Sunday's Sparring ....

Latest Episode on our road to the Silat World Championships!

Episode 5 - The Fighting Chance

In this episode the USA Silat team performs a demo at a televised event for the President of Indonesia. Also watch them as they train at both the Virginia and Maryland Silat branches